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Ultra mix - the fast tinting at the point of sales in IMPARAT original quality

Ultra mix carries the most modern mix technology from the in-plant production to the point of sales. Unlike other usual mix systems,  no universal colourants are used in the ultra mix system. Instead solvent based colourants for enamels and water-based colourants for paints are used.
This means
  • tintet original IMPARAT qualities
  • high hide even with difficult color shades
  • no problem with haze build-up and rub-out
  • no quality lost through under- or over pigmentation
Ultra Mix - always fast available Thousands of colour shades are available with ultra mix at all times - your wished colour shades and the amount you need can be directly produced at the points of sales.

Ultra mix makes it possible to choose from many commonly used color collections like, Ultra color Farbsystem, RAL, NCS, Sikkens or Alpina color- regardless if it's enamel, interior or exterior paints.


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